Wedding Wednesday: Appointment to the Big Day

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I will be posting about the wedding industry. Everything from your first bridal appointment with a store all the way to fine details of your big day. Maria and the consultants have made friends within the industry over the years and have great advice and referrals for your special day. Just one more thing we can do to help you out!

With this being our first Wedding Wednesday I thought I start with the basics of how a bridal appointment works all the way until the day of. Below are ten easy steps that can help inform you on how the ‘dress part’ of your wedding will work.

1. Timing is everything
I know this might come as a shock to some people, but it can take up to 6-8 months for a dress to be ordered and shipped. So once he pops the questions and you start planning for the big day keep this small but very important piece of information in mind. If you have a short engagement, it can consolidate the kinds of dress you can try on.

Wedding Tip: Some stores will let you buy off the floor (the sample gown), call ahead and ask if the store can do this.

2. Make an appointment!
Time and time again I notice we have a lot of walk in brides. I love my walk in brides, but if we have appointments booked, I have to turn them down, which just breaks my heart. When someone makes an appointment, I have promised them that at ‘that time’ they will have my consultants undivided attention and if we are booked I can not break that promise to my bride. (Think of an appointment as a contract.) So instead of being turned down call ahead and make that appointment. We want to give you that undivided attention too.

Wedding Tip: If you are running late or need to cancel make sure the store knows so they can re-arrange their staff correctly.

3. Bring a supportive group
I always love seeing who my bride brings in to help her make the decision about the dresses she tries on. Mom, sister, best friend, even dad! But sometimes who you bring can also hurt your appointment. Remember you know your family and friends better than anyone, you get to make the decision on who comes. And if someone isn’t helpful don’t worry your consultant is on your side to help you find what you are looking for even if not at their store.

4. Rome wasn’t built in a day
Brides remember it can sometimes take time to find the right dress. Do not stress if you do not find it the first time around. Remember breath and relax, do not make it harder than it should. Finding a dress is about having fun and picking the one dress that you want to start your new life in.

Wedding Tip: Mr. Right will love you in anything you put on. He is choosing you not the dress.

5. Budget
The budget can be a touchy subject, so really make sure you know how much you want to spend. If you do find the dress that day be prepared to put down at least 50%, this is for any store you walk into. Some other items you might want to calculate in are sales tax as well as shipping fees and labor fees.

Wedding Tip: Alterations are also a separate fee if the store has an in-house seamstress they can ballpark a price for you, but they will not be able to let you know an exact price till you have your dress on, and they are working on it.

6. Shipping and Handling
Once you “Say Yes to the Dress” and order you now have up to 6-8 months for you dress to be constructed, beaded, seemed, shipped and delivered. At that point, it is out of the stores hands, and it is up to the vendor to get your dress to you. The store can call for updates and give you guestimations times on when your dress will physically be in the store.

Wedding Tip: If you call and receive a guestimation of shipping keep in mind that the vendor gives them up to 10 business days to ship the dress.

7. Your Glass Slipper
Once you have picked your dress, your next move is to go shoe shopping! When you start alterations, we highly suggest you have your shoes with you every time.

Wedding Tip: This also goes for your bridesmaids!

8. Tiara or Veil?
As we know all brides are different, you might be that trendy bride going for a jeweled tiara and veil, or maybe you’re looking for something simple and want an elbow length veil, you can be traditional and get a cathedral veil, or maybe just a crown of flowers does the trick for you. Take a look and see what the bridal store offers. I know at Destiny Bridal we can design veils for you that match will your dress. We simply order extra material from your dress and create your something new.

9. Picking up and Traveling
Most brides do stay in town for their wedding day, so most likely you will be with your dress at all times but what happens if you are flying? Your dress with not fit in your bag, you will have to carry it on the plane. Call the airline ahead of time and tell them you are having a destination wedding and have to bring the dress on board and or have a special baggage claim ticket. They can direct you to what you need to do to make sure your dress gets to the destination as well as take note that you will be bringing it on the flight.

10. Your Wedding Day
Here you are, it’s the day of, you are putting on your dress. You’re getting laced or zipped up. It’s time to walk down the isle. You take one big breath; you look great even better you feel great. You start walking, you take your first few steps then look up, and a pair of eyes meets yours. Your significant other that person that means more to you than life itself sees you, this beautiful, confident woman. That dress you have on is showing him who you are, who you want to be with him, and he is ecstatic to call you his wife.

Allure Bridal Trunk Show Coming this April 2016

Do you want to feel nothing but gorgeous on your wedding day? Well your in for a great treat. Allure Bridal prides them self on this mission statement and will be in house this month!

Allure Bridal is a beautiful collection that is all about the details from delicate floral appliqu├ęs, intricate beading, beautiful drapery and dramatic backs. If you are looking for a statement on your wedding day, this is one of the best designers you need to try on.

Join us on Thursday the 28th at 1 pm to kick off our Trunk Show Event! Please call ahead for appointments so that our consultants can better assist you. Walk-ins might miss out on this special weekend event.

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Get to know the Owner

Maria, the owner of Destiny Bridal, is one amazing woman. She has been in the industry for over 25 years and in that time has become great friends with the designers and her brides. Due to her experience in the industry, the relationships she built with the designers and fashion literacy she can help all brides find that perfect dress for that most important day in her life.

Maria prides herself in her store and helping the brides that come in. One of her favorite moments is when her brides say “Yes to the Dress,” she will break out the champagne for the celebration. Maria wants to make every bride happy from the moment she hears you on the phone till you walk out ready for Isle. At the young age of 66, she can run circles around her sales consultants and pick the dress for you. Make her day as well as yours!

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Here’s to a New Beginning

Well Hello All,

Destiny Bridal is extremely excited to announce they are under new management.

After searching Maria (owner) has found a new Assistant Manager to help her with the Vance Jackson store. Molly is a happy go lucky girl with ambition. Her goal is to provide excellent customer service to her guest, customers, and employees. She wants to create a memorable experience for you and your family on one of the most important days of your life. She has been in the industry for over five years planning and assisting in the weddings.

With new management comes a new look. Please join us weekly on Destiny’s Blog Page to learn all about the bridal industry as you get ready to walk down the isle. Here we will post fun tips, new gowns arriving in the store, events, referrals and much more.

We look forward to meeting you; please book an appointment today! 210.691.0700